This Is Your Ideal Clinic


Read on and discover why this is the clinic for you 

and how it is too good an opportunity to miss... 


Situated in the heart of the North East of England just minutes from the majestic city of Durham, the thriving metropolis that is Newcastle and the bustling city of Sunderland lies this gem of a practice opportunity.


Whether you are looking at starting out on your own or looking to further expand your clinic numbers and grow your patient base – you won't do better than looking here and reading on because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Now, some people might think that I may be biased – but I don't think so.


Let me explain...


Established in 1992 the clinic showed consistent growth until reaching capacity. Open an average of 27 hours a week the clinic sees approximately 400 patients a month – but like my school reports used to say it “could do much better!”


I work with 15 minute treatment times and I am old school. I still get patients changed and gowned and there is none of the new fangled gadgetry like thermography or X-Rays to increase patient compliance and retention.


Nope, there is none of that!


This practice is purely an acute care practice where I see patients once a week until they are fixed and then I offer them the choice of usually a 3 monthly or 6 monthly maintenance follow up.


Can you already see the scope for improving patient numbers?


Introduce proper wellness or maintenance care into the practice, reduce treatment times (should you wish) and use more of the treatment rooms to provide care – and your numbers will sky rocket!


I work in the clinic as a sole practitioner so just imagine what could be achieved with an associate or two. If you decide this is the clinic for you (and you'd be foolish if you didn't as the following patient numbers and turnover show) I am willing to stay at the clinic in a reduced capacity to help you transition and build the clinic for yourself and anyone else you wish to take on.


But, before you decide, let me go on because the clinic turnover speaks for itself.


Whilst the full financials are available on request I'm not prepared to put them on here for any Tom, Dick and Harry to read. That said, I can tell you that the gross turnover for the last 4 full financial years has remained pretty much consistent  - and that is with me trying to work less hours and less hard.


I cannot get rid of the patients!


I've tried being rude, I've tried being unkempt, I've tried being uncouth – but still the patients flock to the clinic!


In 2019 I saw 315 new patients and 3947 returning patients.


In 2018 I saw 297 new patients and 4029 returning patients.


In 2017 I saw 356 new patients and 4406 returning patients.


In 2016 I saw 368 new patients and 4381 returning patients.


And this is with me reducing my hours and trying to work less.


As you can see the numbers are extremely consistent. The only reason for the slight drop since 2018 was I took even more time off and more holidays - after all I did turn 50!  


So, in 2019 there were 315 new patients and 3947 returning patients through the doors - that's a steady stream of 26 new patients and 330 returning patients per month.


2020 was quieter.


It appears there is a virus going about which meant the clinic was closed for a good chunk of the year - but the figures still weren't too bad.


In 2020 the clinic saw 263 new patients and 2983 returning patients. That's roughly 22 new patients and 248 returning patients a month - despite people afraid to leave their homes for fear of the plague and me having had 2 holidays (and one really long, almost 4 months, enforced one).


When the clinic really got going again from mid July the figures improved dramatically. In the last 6 months of the year I saw 172 new patients (or 28 a month) and 1763 returning patients (or 293 a month)...


...and I reduced my hours a bit more!


January 2021 saw the clinic see 39 new and 259 returns over 15 days despite the snow, ice and still present Covid!


On top of that I am leaving blank appointments throughout the day to clean, change PPE, let droplets drop and whatever else we are supposed to be doing in Tier 27!


Up to the end of April the clinic had seen 129 new patients and 1259 returns.


With the number of appointments available (due to letting droplets drop and changing PPE etc) I cannot see any more patients! There's a two month waiting list for new patients, a three week waiting list for regular patients unless under care at the moment and two months worth of maintenance patients waiting there appointments...'s like a goldmine of patient appointments waiting to tapped into (or some other analogy for a big backlog of patients needing to be seen)!


And, these numbers are without advertising or social media!


No advertising, social media - just a constant influx of patients through the door.


Can you imagine how much impact actively advertising the clinic would have on patient numbers? I've never wanted to see more people – so I have never advertised in all the time I have had the clinic. No Facebook, no web page, no press releases, no adverts, no fliers, no Instagram, no Twitter, no LinkedIn, no signage – nothing, nada, diddly, jack, zip, zippo, zilch, not a thing.


Let me repeat that:








With no advertising the clinic has grown and flourished.


Just imagine how big it would grow, the number of patients it could see and help, the turnover it could have when people actually know it exists and they can see it's presence on the Interweb (or whatever it's called).


Now, you're most probably thinking “he must be brilliant to have grown the practice just by word of mouth, he must adjust with skill and finesse, he must be able to cure just by laying on his hands, people must just be able to touch the hem of his coat for the lame to walk and the blind to see!”


And you'd be right :-)


Yep, I'm not bad at adjusting.


In fact I would say I was slightly better than average.


But I'm not that good. I did try the walking across water bit once but after sinking realised it wasn't for me.


Like most people I would like to say I was brilliant - but I was lucky rather than brilliant.


I was lucky to establish a clinic in an area where there was no one else and where there is a need – and that is the legacy I want to pass on to you. I want you to continue seeing the patients I already see and I want you to see even more of them.


This clinic is ripe for the picking...


...and it should be yours.

The clinic is ready for expansion!


At the moment I work just out of one treatment room and have another room as the reception – but there are another three treatment rooms. Not only are there more treatment rooms but I have a waiting list of patients ready to fill them.


“Hmmm” I bet you're thinking, rubbing your chin in thought and squinting slightly in wonder “if he could fill them why doesn't he?”


And the answer to that is I just don't want to work that hard at this stage of my career – I am looking to get less busy and enjoy the odd glass of wine! I don't want to be working more than I need to. That said, with some young whipper-snapper running the show or two or three associates working in the clinic it's a potential goldmine.


Years ago I used to have associates in the clinic and they were always busy (before leaving to set up their own clinics). I've had other practitioners hiring the rooms in the past and this was another great source of revenue for no work on my part...


...but I don't want to be doing that any more. I want more holidays and a little bit of a lie in in the morning – I want to be doing less, not more.


I work on average 27 hours a week. Some weeks I work four days, some weeks three and a half and some weeks three days. I currently see 90-100 patients a week and that is more than enough for me. But there is scope for so much more with somebody else at the controls.


I reckon the clinic is operated at about 15-20% of it's capacity!


How many patients could someone see if the clinic were open 5 days a week? How many would they see if it were like back in the old days when it was open for five and a half days? How many could they see if they used two treatment rooms instead of one? Three treatment rooms instead of one?


Crikey, what is the potential if they used four treatment rooms instead of one and opened for longer?


To be honest this practice has more potential, possibilities, growth prospects and palingenesis than Peter Piper and his pickled peppers!


Let me remind you that at the moment the practice sees on average 7 new patients a week with no marketing in place.


The potential is huge!


The clinic really does offer you a great chance to start busy and get busier! Since I have been here I have seen 12,425 patients and there are over 1,750 of those who I would class as currently active (having been see by me in the last 18 months or so).


There is an obvious opportunity here for any new owner to undertake any amount of analogue and digital marketing and to increase both the numbers of returning and new patients dramatically. I mean if I see over 350 new patients a year doing nothing – how many would you see if you actually marketed yourself? Plus you've got over twelve thousand inactive patients to chase up and get back into the clinic under your care.


The clinic offers excellent scope for practice growth but also the possibility of it being a home. I lived above the clinic for the first seven years in practice till I moved on and bought another property and it was (is) a great place to live. You have everything you need here: supermarkets, high street shops (butchers, bakers, no candlestick maker unfortunately), restaurants, cafes and pubs. Oh yes, there are pubs and quite a few of them in easy reach. And when the kids aren't in the pubs there are a number of top class schools in the area!


The clinic has now been completely refurbished so should you want it purely as a work base you can hit the ground running – but with a new kitchen and bathroom it is an ideal starter home to get you on your feet.


The clinic is laid out as follows:


Based over two storeys the clinic consists of the following rooms.


The ground floor comprises of: 

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! A reception area 

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! A treatment room 

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! A kitchen

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! A utility room 

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! A changing room 

Whilst the second floor consists of

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! Bathroom 

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! Treatment room 2 / Changing room 

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! Treatment room 3 

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! Treatment room 4 

The property was completely renovated in 2014 to a total cost of £65k. This involved:

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! Complete re-plastering, 

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! A new gas central heating system (a Worcester combi boiler), 

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! New electrics and lighting 

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! A new kitchen 

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! A new bathroom 

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! New carpets and flooring 

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! New alarm system 

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! New composite front door 

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! It was completely redecorated in 2019

Exponential Practice GrowthThe outside of the clinic was repainted in 2020

Exponential Practice GrowthThe ground floor plumbing, utility and kitchen flooring were replaced in 2020

This clinic is ready to move into and needs no work doing to it at all!


For a little teaser of what you'll get when the clinic is yours just click here


This is a double fronted, end terraced property - it is a large building.


It's not one of these places where you can't fit your furniture in and you're never going to hear the sound of “thud, meow, thud meow” as the cat you're swinging hits off each wall. This is an end of terrace building that was built when people used to have thirty kids and it was built to last. My colleagues in the estate agency trade tell me the clinic is well laid out, in good order and represents a great platform from which to grow a thriving chiropractic practice. I personally would have just said there is nothing to do here except move your stuff in – and you won't need a great deal of that.


I am selling everything!


There is everything you need to start in practice: 

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! one flexion distraction benches, 

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! two wooden adjusting tables, 

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! chairs, 

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! desks, 

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! furnishings,

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! pictures and posters,

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! bookcases,

Another reason this clinic is too good to be true! You can even have the books!  

Whilst the stuff isn't brand new it all functions and it all does what it is supposed to do. I reckon everything I am leaving would set you back about £15,000 should you need to buy it in from scratch.


But you don't need to!


And that makes the clinic even more of a steal.


The practice is well laid out with great opportunity for growth. The property is in good order and ready to proceed without the need for significant expenditure – just print your business cards and you are ready to start!


If you are an existing chiropractor looking for an opportunity to put their mark on the profession, or an associate now looking to own your own practice or move location, - then this is for you. If this is your first clinic at the start of your career – this clinic will allow you to start busy, get busier and make money without having to sit and twiddle your thumbs waiting for patients to turn up.


If you want to sit about playing Fortnite or watching The Witcher – then this clinic really isn't for you! This clinic is for someone who wants to treat a lot of people and make a very good living. I can guarantee you will start off with a ton of eager patients and that there is plenty of scope for expansion.


So really that's all the information you need to know if you're interested.


Except for the most important factor:


The price.


This clinic is priced to sell.


I want to start to take things a little bit easier as soon as possible and the quickest way to do that is to find someone keen take over the clinic and build on it's success.


That is why the clinic is priced as low as it is!


I want to help you grab a bargain so you can help me transition into retirement over the next few years (that's if you want me to stay on and help you!).


Why be an associate when you could own your own clinic?


This is a fantastic opportunity and there are two ways it could be yours:

Option One:


The clinic building is valued at £170,000. 


The equipment and furnishings are valued at an easy £15,000.


The goodwill is £100,000 - which is an absolute bargain as the average gross turnover is a lot more than that. (I was going to put the gross turnover here but I didn't want any Tom, Dick or Harry knowing my business just because they were nosey and had nothing better to do).


This makes a total of £285,000


However, I want to make this even more of a no-brainer than it already is!


I am willing to let one lucky sod grab it all for only £260,000!


Of course payment plans can be arranged to suit (should that be necessary) and we can arrange those if you are interested. This is a fantastic bargain you really should be grabbing and I want to make it a reality for you so I am sure we can come to financial agreement - just as long as you don't expect me to be lowering the price! 

Option Two:


You can buy the goodwill and lease the practice from me until you decide you really want to buy it!


I am prepared to rent the property for £1,000 a month on a three year contract (unless you purchase the practice in the meantime).


This would be on a full repairing lease – where you maintain the property and don't make a wreck of my beautiful clinic. As mentioned above the goodwill is valued at £100,000 therefore that would be your only investment bar the property rental.


It would take you less than two treatments a day to cover the rental and after three years you'd have earnt more than enough to have recouped your investment on the goodwill and have enough left over to buy the property if you want!


I am also prepared to develop a payment plan should that be necessary.


Let me remind you once more...


As it is running at the moment the clinic would pay for itself in 3-5 years!


If you took it over and a third of the patients instantly died - this place would still pay for itself in 5 years!


If you took it over and grow the clinic to its potential the you would have a fantastic place, a clinic which is even more thriving than it is now, and it would be all yours in less than 3 years!


You really can't go wrong...


...and I can prove it!


If you are interested click here and let me show you some illustrative figures just how quickly the clinic will pay for itself.


If you are seriously interested drop me an email at         and we can arrange a time to have a chat and go into more detail. If you want to haggle and prat about, don't bother emailing – even if you have too much time on your hands I don't and as I said earlier I can be quite uncouth!