It's alright me telling you just how great the clinic is but really it would be better if you could see it...

...and now with (almost) modern technology you can!

According to the nice estate agent the clinic has a total floor area of 131 square metres. For you older folks, like me, that's approximately 1,410 square feet.

To be fair it doesn't really matter if you do metres or feet - the building is pretty big!

If you were a bird and the clinic had no roof or ceilings then it would probably look like this:

Floor plan - just to show how impressive it really is! 

Luckily though, the clinic does have ceilings. It also has a roof.

You know that awkward bit when you are viewing houses and the owner opens a door leading to a room with a sink, bath and toilet and states "This is the bathroom". Well, what follows is similar to that awkward bit...

Below is the downstairs treatment room.

Downstairs treatment room - for those too lazy to use the stairs.

This is because it is downstairs and it's where the treatment takes place.

This is the reception area.

The hub of the clinic - so I am told!

This is where my receptionist informs me all the real work takes place...

Upstairs there are three good sized rooms and the bathroom. One of those rooms is piled high with clutter so you don't get a picture of that one but here are the other rooms:

Another treatment room perhaps?

Another spare treatment room

There is also the upstairs bathroom:

That room with the sink, toilet and bath....

Not forgetting that downstairs kitchen!

Perfect size for team meetings and tea breaks!

There is also a garage and yard to the rear.

The pictures don't really do justice to the size of the rooms. Therefore, below is the blurb from the estate agent regarding the rooms sizes. You'll have to excuse the fact he describes rooms as bedrooms, dining room and lounge - he wasn't used to writing treatment rooms - but that doesn't alter the size of the rooms in any other way!

These aren't your normal room sizes - these are

There you have it - a lot of building for not a lot of investment!


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