I'm not lying...

...the clinic really is a goldmine waiting for someone to take it over!

I want to give you a little scenario as to the true potential the clinic has to offer to it's new owner.

Before I do though I have to stress I am not a lawyer or accountant and this can't be taken as financial advice and as they say in the financial papers your returns could be greater or less than those shown here.

It should be a lot, lot more but you could be terrible at treating and keeping patients - in which case it won't be.

So, here goes.

Imagine the clinic has a gross turnover of £135,000 with just me working there on my lonesome.

If you bought clinic and you decided you wanted me to be your associate I'm prepared to stay on and work with you for 60%. I want you to succeed and prosper so I'm happy to stay on for a good couple of years whilst you transition the clinic to your own style of practice - but I wouldn't work for less than 60%. You could of course always give me more...

Imagine, in this scenario, you decided you wanted to be busy from the start so I would reduce the number of patients I saw by a third and you would take over those straight away.

Lets see how that would look:

Out of the turnover of £135,000 you would get 1/3rd straight away as I reduced the number of patients I saw. That would give you £45,00.

From the £90,000 I took you would get 40% of that - or £36,000.

£45,000 plus £36,000 is £81,000 a year.

£81,000 a year with no growth to the patient numbers no change to how the clinic runs and no change to the clinic opening hours.

Do that for three years and you have made £243,000 - almost the cost of the clinic!

Of course these figures are gross takings and are just illustrative. It depends on your expenses and overheads as to what your nett income will be, but - and this is the important thing these figures miss...

...these figures show no change in how the clinic is run and the hours it is open!

Out of a possible 11 shifts a week (Monday - Friday mornings and afternoons and Saturday morning) I only work on average just over 7.

That's because that is all I want to do - not because the potential to see more isn't there!

If you were to open more (and with a couple of practitioners working that's easy to do) there is almost another four shifts worth of extra patients to be seen. Put another way, there would be an increase in turnover of almost 50% again and it all goes you way!

And that is only with you and (possibly) me there!

Bring in more therapists to do more treatments and the turnover increases yet again!

The potential is huge for the right person!

Thirty years ago that person would have been me - but not now.

Now it's time for me to have a few more holidays...

Now it's time to pass on the baton and let someone else grow and expand the clinic!


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